Influencer marketing campaign | Summary

The influencer marketing field was chosen as the main area for carrying out the research and further on the development of the concept for the graduation project in CROWDYHOUSE. According to the latest marketing trends, the field of influencer marketing is estimated as an effective channel for raising the brand awareness and connect with their target audience on a scale never before possible. From the first sight, influencer marketing may seem very similar to the celebrity endorsements, which are used in online space as well as on TV. The major difference between the influencer marketing and the celebrity endorsement is the interaction with the target audience. The influencers are engaged with their target audience on a high level, while the celebrities have the limited possibilities for such type of interaction.

In the beginning of the graduation project, there was carried out the research regarding the usage of influencer marketing possibilities for CROWDYHOUSE. Several influencer marketing platforms were analysed and used as a database and KPI measurement tool of the influencer’s profiles. The information regarding the target audience of CROWDYHOUSE was taken from the company’s manual and confirmed by the Google data analytics tool. The analysed data regarding the existing target audience of CROWDYHOUSE was applied for persona development.

In order to choose the right type of the influencer for the cooperation with CROWDYHOUSE, the range of Instagram profiles was analysed. The top 10 influencers were chosen for the influencer campaign testing. The decision of approaching the specific influencer for campaign testing was based on several criteria, such as the type of Instagram profile, the primary interests of the influencer, the size of the target audience and the engagement rate.

The next step in campaign testing involved such steps as the explanation of the influencer approaching methodology and the communication handling. Several models were applied for the explanation of the influencer’s target audience consumer behaviour. KPI measurements of CROWDYHOUSE Instagram account were taken right before the influencer’s post was uploaded and reshared on several social media channels. The methodology applied during the testing process and the results of the campaign are described in chronological order.