2.2 Influencer marketing. Choosing the influencer


Once you found the suitable influencers and made a list, then it’s time to sort it out by comparing their profiles and applying the requirement of your brand. If you are a brand with the big name, then most likely you can approach the influencer with more than 100K followers by simply sending him a free product of your company. If you a small brand with a specific niche, then it’s wise to approach the influencer with a medium amount of followers. It will be more likely to get the positive results from the influencer who’s ranking is similar to your brand level.

Let’s compare some potential influencers on Instagram, who might be suitable for CROWDYHOUSE.

In order to identify the engagement rate and fair market value of the influencer, I used analytics tool. There is access to the influencer’s profile overview on social media (Pic. 2.1 – 1)









 Pic. 2.2 – 1 ” Influencer’s Instagram profile overview on “


  1. Anne & Esther Vedder 

Dutch twins lifestyle bloggers based in Amsterdam. Age – 30th

Interests: beauty, fashion, traveling

Followers: 72K

Fair market value: $955 – $1,171


 Pic. 2.2 – 2 “Anne & Esther Vedder Instagram profile”

From the Instagram profile (Pic. 2.1 – 2) it is clear that Anne & Esther create the quality content and have their own business – online jewelry shop. Though their profile mostly highlights topics like beauty, traveling, and lifestyle. The number of their Instagram followers is bigger than CROWDYHOUSE’s Instagram audience. This type of influencer might not bring the necessary results regarding the promotion of home decor and furniture designer products. There is a lack of interior lifestyle images and it might be weird if the influencer will start to post a range of interior lifestyle photos after the pile of beauty and travel pictures.

         2. Deborah (apieceofcake82)

Scottish lifestyle/interior design blogger based in Glasgow with a husband and two adorable children. Age – 30th

Interests: photography, interior design, social media

Followers: 136K

Fair market value: $1,805 – $2,214


Pic. 2.2 – 3 “Deborah’s Instagram profile”

Deborah’s Instagram profile is well-managed and updated with the minimalistic photos in a neutral colour palette. Her feed represents the high interest in interior design and styling as well as the love for the details. You can see some interior design and home decor products which are similar to CROWDYHOUSE style. Gray, pastel and white dominate in Deborah’s Instagram feed. It is clear from the comments under the photos that her visual content is engaging and the audience trust Deborah’s opinion on interior styling. She could be a potential influencer to approach, though she has quite a big target audience. It might be hard to approach a media person like Deborah only by sending her free products. In addition to the free product, it would be wise to do the shout out of the blogger’s post in CROWDYHOUSE feed. If the cooperation between the brand and the influencer brings good results then it might be a good idea to give the commission for bringing clients. When you are convinced that the influencer hooked the audience up with your brand’s products, then you can offer a product discount or giveaway to the customers, who came from the specific influencer (Blog.kissmetrics, 2017).

3. Joyce (justlikesushi)

Dutch lifestyle, fashion and travel blogger.

Interests: style, lifestyle, and travel, urban design

Followers: 16,4K

Fair market value: $218 – $267


 Pic. 2.2 – 4 “Joyce’s Instagram profile”

Fresh, fun and authentic – that is what comes to your mind while scrolling through Joyce’s Instagram profile. She is passionate about life and the things she is doing. Her content is rich for various themes from lifestyle to travelling. The influencer like Joyce can gather the wide audience in one place due to the wide range of products she could present. At this moment Joyce has a medium amount of followers, which makes it attractive for CROWDYHOUSE to approach such an influencer by sending a free suitable product. She is keeping up with the latest trends not only in fashion but also interior design. According to the latest post on her Instagram profile, she is going to renovate the bathroom soon. It will be more than relevant to send her some home decor products for the bathroom so that she would be encouraged to share the photos with new interior style. Bloggers with the smaller audience tend to be more trusted and appear more authentic. Personal approach for the representation of the brand product by the influencer creates the mutual bond of trust in line: influencer-audience-brand. What kind of information are you looking for while thinking to purchase the product for the first time? A commercial like or the sponsored content or maybe the review of the product from a real person?


When you found the suitable influencer for your brand and succeeded in approaching him in the right way, don’t forget about the analysis part of the cooperation. Keep checking the engagement rate on the influencer’s social profile and the social acquisition section on google analytics of your own brand in order to see the source of redirecting traffic to your website.

The secret of good influencer management is to be able to predict and respond to trends at different levels: macro (campaign and program level) and micro level (an individual influencer) relationship. If the shared content by the influencer doesn’t work really well, you should spread the word about the influencer yourself by reposting or tagging him in your social media content. Building the awareness about your brand shouldn’t be too pushy to the audience, make them feel a part of your campaign by asking them questions and letting express their opinion. You will only get the benefits from it and the customer will be interested in coming back to you since you value their opinion (, 2017).


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